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“So please, In…

“So please, Investigate the Human Condition and Understand: One Can’t Consider having Animal Rights if you Do Not Have Human Rights. The Animal Rights are a Direct Reflection of the Human Rights that Exist. So, one should Focus on the Rights that’s Relevant First, the Rights that will lead to a New Order around Rights, … Continue reading

Roll a Stone fr…

Roll a Stone from My path. Roll a Stone from the Path of another. That is to give as you would like to receive. Thus, compassion is the art of PREVENTION. Compassion is preventing Hunger, War, Slavery, Debt, Fear, Anxiety, Environment Abuse, Greed, Child abuse and every other inequality that now exist in this World … Continue reading

“I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize that Thinking is Glorified without Understanding the Creation Process of a Single Thought, invalidating all the Great Thinkers throughout all Ages, as Fools in Paradise Lost.” ~Bernard Poolman

  Why Thought is the foundation of the World? How Thought Create the Acceptances of Reality? How Decisions is created through Thought? Why Mind-Talk is a form of Self-Destructive Sabotage? Why some people become Killers, Murderers and Rapists? Examples of Practical Backchat. What does Positive and Negative Self-Talk Create?

“I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize that Ascension ended Like a Multiple Fast-food Franchise on the Shelves of the Mind to be SOULD to as many as possible, creating the New Group of Spiritual Millionaires feeding on the Earth in total Abandonment of Responsibility toward Life on Earth.” ~Bernard Poolman

  In this interview, a being that walked the Ascension-Planes/Processes within Heaven – shares how ‘Ascension’ within Heaven functioned, why Ascension-Processes exist, how many beings within the Ascension-processes got stuck for hundreds of years and could not ascend, what processes were involved with Ascending into Mastery and the first moment this being had contact with … Continue reading