“A Desteni Secret that should have been obvious lest one is too brainwashed to notice. The presentation of Desteni material is NOT professionally engineered to deceive and control your response so that you end up liking it without understanding it. Most cannot grasp Desteni material as they have never been mentally challenged as Television and Politics and Consumerism have made all the decisions for the person, all the person must do is like or dislike, just like on facebook. you should worry if impression and appearance is more important than the message, because then you are so screwed you do not even notice. Thus – Desteni with a Message That you may not be able to hear till you give up your Ego, and Ego is a construct of Engineered Knowledge from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. Desteni is The Tree of Life with the Fruit of Life if you dare. Regardless, some will be fruit as life and some willbe compost.” ~Bernard Poolman


No other message has ever told it like it is, within exposing what we’re actually accepting and allowing to exist in this world and that we as humanity are actually responsible,as each and every human being that is here, as it’s all of us together that create this world ‘how it is’.



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