“Human greed as living word is to be in this world in acceptance of the world system without taking action that will result in a new system that support all life equally. To use love in the context of the current world system is to chain love to the greed of self interest to such a degree that one will live a normal life where words like kindness will have meaning for you, but it is meaningless to those that suffer in lack because they do not experience the feelings of those that proclaim love, they must find food for another day. In this the love currently part of the higher so-called conssciousness is a con that consumes life and turn life into evil. Self honesty is required to grasp what an act of God in the physical world actually mean and then self introspection as to why no action is taken and why love is used to cover the fear of what will happen if one do take action. You may be crucified like Jesus — which is the primary reason most that proclaim love never take action or move as one group to find a solution. The convenience of free will is used to absolve oneself from the responsibility to give up self interest and find a solution that works for all. That though seldom will leave the mind where self interest dwells and move into the realm of the physical world where we must challenge the accepted ways. It though become very difficult to challenge the ways of the world if one would dare to belief that the physical world is an illusion and that something greater awaits in the here-after. There can be nothing more here after that what is here as earth –as above so below. Love as it now exist is human greed spiritualized.” ~Bernard Poolman

How have the creators of existence managed to enslave the majority of existence within the bodies of existence as the Mind, the Physical, the World-System and Heaven? Why did/does beings within Heaven, the Mind and the World-System not see the context of existence as a whole and their own personal enslavement to it? Why was … Continue reading

“Consumerism exist to show us how far we would take the Lie of love. Products are sold through getting the consumer to Love it out of fear. Next time you read the label, watch your inner response to the information and you will always look if you really need the product, but what you really look at is if you can survive without the product. If you fear the not having the product enough, you will buy it to give yourself the vitamins it proclaims to have as you wonder if you have enough of these vitamins. Health is the hell of fear where the human pretend to know how things really work. Go to the doctor when you sick to see how little is known. The diagnosis is done on symptoms and a broad-spectrum chemical is given to hopefully kill the disease. The doctor really have no actual clue and will spend only a moment with you as he is chasing money to pay for a magnificent lifestyle build on your fear of death.” – Bernard Poolman

A discussion with Bernard Poolman with regards to the buttons that drives one to make a consumerism decision that is based on energy instead of self directiveness which within that, Bernard simply shows how we’ve become manipulated, controlled and enslaved to those energetic buttons that activates/triggers certain actions/behaviors within ourselves, by those who have figured … Continue reading

“Man know thyself. In the self investigation of who you have become and the role you play as participant in the creation of this world, realize that when you blame another or a group for what is happening to you, you are not doing self investigation. Self forgiveness is the process of restoring your directive will and to understand how you participate in reality and what you allow reality to become due to your participation and the patterns you allow. The other are purely part of the mirror to show whether you are in fact caring about what is best for all life or not and functions as support in developing self honesty as life as equal. Equality do not exist but in the basic substance from whence all come. the forms we currently embody as all parts of existence have become unequal due to the value judgments we attributed to form. Because we do not accept and accordingly direct our reality within the foundation of the equality in fact, we will face the patterns we have become and we have allowed till we have placed into being as participants a new world system that in every way functions where all is equal according to their ability. The more intellectual and better skills you have, the greater your responsibility towards the less fortunate. To take advantage of your specialness is abuse and unacceptable. Investigate the tools of Desteni and support life.” ~Bernard Poolman

  The ‘Design of Life’ Series was done to assist and support human beings with seeing, understanding and realizing the design of Life in its very nature. When one see for oneself what one has accepted and allowed, One is than able to practically change and become, for the very first time, a being that … Continue reading

“Saying that ‘the world is an illusion’ is an attempt to solve the primordial problem on ‘what is real/ what is reality’ and follow the laws of the least effort and ‘seeking/ following your greatest excitement’ to not have to face and care about the world/ reality without seeing that this world/ reality is as real as we have to eat, shit, drink and relate to others to continue existing in it. How come that we as humanity dared ourselves to side-view the most basic common sense in the name of joy, happiness, faith and hope? Easy, it’s nice to rejoice in the mind and neglect our responsibility within it all.” ~Marlen Vargas Del Razo

  The teachings of Jesus placed in a way that makes it practical and uplifting with end-results that will astound you. – Interview by Bernard Poolman  

“The Law of Attraction is a Conspiracy where the participants conspire to create their own version of reality purely for self-enrichment and the pursuit of happiness. The conspirators agree to spur each other on with only a positive view of reality in spite of the evidence that show that reality is a mathematical equation and not a positive or a negative energy. The Conspirators will then play a childish ‘Dare or Die’ game and contribute far more money on this Gambling-Conspiracy that they will ever spend on a Life that is Best for All. And so go create a Bubbling Treasure of Money while cheering each-other on with a Fake Positive-Attitude generated for the purposes of Blotting-out Reality and Painting it over with a Coat of Special Illusion. The Brainwashing of this Positive-Thinking Conspiracy is so effective that the Majority that must Fail in the Objective of making lots of Money will never come out and Speak-Up, because they will be branded as ‘Negative’. Do the Mathematics – most were going to Fail before they even started anyway. A Fake-View of Wealth is then created based-on Money to blot-out the Glaring Evidence of Global Poverty. The Conspirators will gather in small groups or meet over coffee tables where they will seek the greedy and desperate and use methods of ‘sharing secrets’ to spread the conspiracy and trap the gullible into a net of self-deception. Let it be known: No Positive-Thinking will Ever Change the mathematical nature of Reality on Earth. Only a System Change that Corrects the mathematical-relationships between All Participants on Earth to that which is Equally Best for All will Restore True-Wealth on Earth. True Wealth on Earth is Life which is given with the First Breath. Stop All Conspiracies that demean Life for self-interest. Join the Solution with Equal-Money at Desteni. And Realise – you identify a Conspirator when they brand you ‘Negative’ when you place Life First and Refuse to be part of the Fake Positive-Energy Conspiracy. Restore Integrity to Life with Self-Honesty.” ~ Bernard Poolman

The Secret has never been a Secret, in fact we have been practicing the Law Of Attraction our entire lives. In this interview, Bernard Poolman discusses how we don’t really understand how we are creating what we are creating in every moment, which is this entire world and our entire experience within and of it, … Continue reading