“The Law of Attraction is a Conspiracy where the participants conspire to create their own version of reality purely for self-enrichment and the pursuit of happiness. The conspirators agree to spur each other on with only a positive view of reality in spite of the evidence that show that reality is a mathematical equation and not a positive or a negative energy. The Conspirators will then play a childish ‘Dare or Die’ game and contribute far more money on this Gambling-Conspiracy that they will ever spend on a Life that is Best for All. And so go create a Bubbling Treasure of Money while cheering each-other on with a Fake Positive-Attitude generated for the purposes of Blotting-out Reality and Painting it over with a Coat of Special Illusion. The Brainwashing of this Positive-Thinking Conspiracy is so effective that the Majority that must Fail in the Objective of making lots of Money will never come out and Speak-Up, because they will be branded as ‘Negative’. Do the Mathematics – most were going to Fail before they even started anyway. A Fake-View of Wealth is then created based-on Money to blot-out the Glaring Evidence of Global Poverty. The Conspirators will gather in small groups or meet over coffee tables where they will seek the greedy and desperate and use methods of ‘sharing secrets’ to spread the conspiracy and trap the gullible into a net of self-deception. Let it be known: No Positive-Thinking will Ever Change the mathematical nature of Reality on Earth. Only a System Change that Corrects the mathematical-relationships between All Participants on Earth to that which is Equally Best for All will Restore True-Wealth on Earth. True Wealth on Earth is Life which is given with the First Breath. Stop All Conspiracies that demean Life for self-interest. Join the Solution with Equal-Money at Desteni. And Realise – you identify a Conspirator when they brand you ‘Negative’ when you place Life First and Refuse to be part of the Fake Positive-Energy Conspiracy. Restore Integrity to Life with Self-Honesty.” ~ Bernard Poolman

The Secret has never been a Secret, in fact we have been practicing the Law Of Attraction our entire lives. In this interview, Bernard Poolman discusses how we don’t really understand how we are creating what we are creating in every moment, which is this entire world and our entire experience within and of it, through the energy within ourselves that we participate in on a daily bases.

Discover this entirely unique and revealing look on the Law Of Attraction and especially how it is and has been applied subconsciously in our life through the use of Masturbation. Enjoy.


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