“I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to accept Love as a Feeling – not realizing these feelings were generated through my Mind as thoughts that exist only within self interest as I am always seeking to find better ways for myself, how to be happy, how to experience joy – how to have contemptment for only me and within this believing that if I had this – then it would cause others to have this as well, as they would magically pick up how I was experiencing myself and choose to live the same way – without seeing the absolute delusion within this as this does not actually practically, physically change anything in this world, as I was still in acceptance of this economic system that I now realize is the cause/source/origin of the many abuse that is taken place against life.” ~Kristina Salas



MFM Radio is the Music Project of Matti Freeman as MatterFreeMan.


LOVE has never existed, never been Real – only an energetic addiction as Mind in Self Interest of a Delusional Nature where we construct ourselves into a Mind Bubble, Deluged by our own Self-Created Feeling as ‘Love’ where we see and consider and experience only a Programmed Energy Experience as MIND in Separation of All Here – because we are actually in FEAR of what is Here, and so Deny what is Here in favor of an Illusion, never seeing and considering Life – never seeing and considering all other beings Here and what is in Fact being Accepted and Allowed – and thus never taking Responsibility for what we are Creating.


The only Real Love as a Living Reality is where All do what is Best for All – Love thy neighbor as One and Equal as Self.



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