“I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize that Once the Environment and the Parents have built the Relationship Circuits in a Child’s Mind, the Personality Emerges when the Mind-Brain is Switched on and Produce a Working Mind Machine according to these Relationship Circuits that flows with Energy Producing what the Human Called Consciousness – and that has been Deified as if it is a Great achievement, while the Human has Not Even Realized how this is Created or dare to Investigate or Considered that there is Another Way that would not Produce the Suffering that Now Exists in the World.” ~Bernard Poolman

  The Soul of Money – Introduction – Part 1. How does Consciousness function? Why Consciousness exists. Where Consciousness exists? How is Consciousness connected to the World? What is the Purpose of Consciousness? How will you change if you Understand Consciousness in its Functionality? What is Consciousness on the scale of Enlightenment? Who benefits from … Continue reading

“I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize that Ascension ended Like a Multiple Fast-food Franchise on the Shelves of the Mind to be SOULD to as many as possible, creating the New Group of Spiritual Millionaires feeding on the Earth in total Abandonment of Responsibility toward Life on Earth.” ~Bernard Poolman

  In this interview, a being that walked the Ascension-Planes/Processes within Heaven – shares how ‘Ascension’ within Heaven functioned, why Ascension-Processes exist, how many beings within the Ascension-processes got stuck for hundreds of years and could not ascend, what processes were involved with Ascending into Mastery and the first moment this being had contact with … Continue reading

“I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to within our current system have created separation called specialisation within professions where our professionals are subjected to the laws within their profession which protects their economic industry within the clique that they belong to, thus through this system, economic power and security is honoured above the life of the human, wherein the profession takes in a point of superiority of believing that they know best without taking into consideration the whole of the being within their social, economic, cultural environment as well as not considering alternative solutions to their own profession be able to do what is best for the being as a living being of life.” ~Esteni de Wet

    The soul of Money – Part 17 How did the Consciousness of each human beings’ Mind Consciousness System, compete for resources/energy within and as the Unified Consciousness Field as the Mind’s Reality within Physical-Reality? What were the consequences of the Consciousness/Minds of a minority of Human-Beings extracting most of the resources from within … Continue reading