“I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize that Thinking is Glorified without Understanding the Creation Process of a Single Thought, invalidating all the Great Thinkers throughout all Ages, as Fools in Paradise Lost.” ~Bernard Poolman

  Why Thought is the foundation of the World? How Thought Create the Acceptances of Reality? How Decisions is created through Thought? Why Mind-Talk is a form of Self-Destructive Sabotage? Why some people become Killers, Murderers and Rapists? Examples of Practical Backchat. What does Positive and Negative Self-Talk Create? Advertisements

“I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize that Every Day in Poverty is a Day in Hell, where the Choice You Have is Controlled by Your and Your Family’s Survival, Making Activism the Arena of the Rich and Wealthy that Do Not want to Give up their Heavenly Bounty and thus Will not Champion any Economic Change that will End Poverty, But will instead Support the Chained Remains of the Poor with Charity, and Ignore the Fact that the Poor were BURNED by the System into the Hell of Poverty. The fact is that an Economic Change to an EcoSystem is Just a Choice, but the Will to Change by those in Power and Wealth is Lacking, therefore Life on Earth must First get Much Worse, before it May Improve, through Choices that is Made in the Best Interest for All Life.” ~Bernard Poolman

  The Human beings currently exist in the world as greed and survival without any awareness of the consequences and the influences it has on Everyone on Earth. Read the Blog – Day 15: Who am I? Prisoner of the Mind? for clarity.   Share the song and assist yourself with doing something that will … Continue reading

“I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize that Each Word Consist out of Building Blocks that Design the Character of the Words that then Become Our Character that We Live. We Are the Character of the Words. We determine the Character of Words, We Are the Living Words and What We Allow as the accepted Definition and Building Blocks of a Word, is IN Essence our Permission We give to Ourselves to Be this Nature of the Words, Implying that Human Nature is in fact the Character of Our Words as the Character of Ourselves.” ~Bernard Poolman

How have we come to accept and allow words or even one word to hold power/control over who we are in moments within ourselves, when one word can cause us to react/change ourselves in moments? What does it say about who we are, when one word/words can change us in moments with ourselves? How has … Continue reading