“So please, In…

“So please, Investigate the Human Condition and Understand: One Can’t Consider having Animal Rights if you Do Not Have Human Rights. The Animal Rights are a Direct Reflection of the Human Rights that Exist. So, one should Focus on the Rights that’s Relevant First, the Rights that will lead to a New Order around Rights, Specific, which will Include Animal Rights, Environmental Rights and All Rights Relevant to the Human Condition in a way that Produce a World that is Best for All. If we don’t do that, if We Don’t Consider the Rights Issue in its Order, we will Not sort out this Disorder.
Investigate the Bill of Rights of the Equal Life Foundation and you’ll notice: that is a Piece of Work Far Advanced for its Time. And you’ll Notice – if you study Desteni: what Desteni is Presenting is Far Advanced Ahead of its Time. Be a Leader, Be Ahead of Your Time, Don’t Let your Head Control Time, Resulting in Consequence that Could have been Prevented. ” ~ Bernard Poolman

The Equal Life Foundation
Bill of Rights



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